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Comunidad de Madrid

The Community of Madrid is one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain. It is located at the center of the country, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Castilian Central Plateau. The community is also conterminous with the province of Madrid and contains the capital of Spain, which is also the capital of the community. It is bounded to the south and east by Castile-La Mancha and to the north and west by Castile and León. It has a population of 6,369,167 (2011) mostly concentrated at the metropolitan area of Madrid.

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  • Madrid Historia

    Madrid Historia

    Historical map of Madrid City. On this map you can see the main roads...


  • Madrid Fisico

    Madrid Fisico

    Madrid physical map showing the main geographical region, also shows...


  • Madrid Clima mapas CCAA

    Madrid Clima mapas CCAA

    Madrid vector map showing choropleth used to mark the annual rainfall...


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