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Angola is a country located in the southwestern region of Africa. It is bordered by Namibia to the south, Zambia to the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The capital city of Angola is Luanda, which is located on the country’s western coast.

The Angola EPS map vector is a detailed representation of the country’s geography, including its major cities, rivers, and topographical features. The map is designed to be used in a variety of applications, including print and digital media, and is available in a range of file formats to suit different needs.

The map is divided into several regions, each of which is color-coded for easy identification. The northern region of Angola is dominated by the Congo Basin, which is home to dense rainforests and a number of major rivers, including the Congo and the Kwanza. The central region of the country is characterized by rolling hills and plateaus, while the southern region is dominated by the Kalahari Desert.

The Angola EPS map vector also includes detailed information about the country’s major cities, including Luanda, Benguela, Huambo, and Lubango. Each city is represented by a unique icon, which makes it easy to identify and locate on the map. In addition, the map includes information about major transportation routes, including highways, railways, and airports.

One of the key features of the Angola EPS map vector is its ability to be customized to suit different needs. The map can be easily edited using vector graphics software, allowing users to add or remove features as needed. This makes it an ideal tool for a wide range of applications, including marketing materials, educational resources, and travel guides.

Overall, the Angola EPS map vector is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore or do business in this fascinating country. Its detailed information and customizable features make it an essential tool for anyone looking to navigate Angola’s diverse geography and rich cultural heritage.

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