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The East Timor EPS map vector illustrator for sale depicts the country of East Timor, its capital, and its location on the continent. The map is designed in a vector format, which allows for easy customization and scaling without losing quality.

The map includes the name of the country, “East Timor,” written in bold letters at the top of the map. The capital city, “Dili,” is marked with a star and labeled in bold letters. The country’s borders are clearly defined, and major cities and towns are labeled.

The map also shows the location of East Timor on the continent of Asia. The country is located in the southeastern part of the continent, bordered by Indonesia to the west and north and the Timor Sea to the south and east.

Overall, the East Timor EPS map vector illustrator for sale is a high-quality and detailed map that is perfect for anyone looking to create custom maps or graphics related to East Timor.

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