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Tonga is a beautiful island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 169 islands, of which only 36 are inhabited. The capital city of Tonga is Nuku’alofa, which is located on the main island of Tongatapu.

The Tonga EPS map vector is a detailed representation of the country, showcasing its unique geography and topography. The map is designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate and understand, making it an ideal tool for anyone looking to explore the country.

The map is divided into different regions, each with its own distinct features and landmarks. The main island of Tongatapu is located in the southern part of the country and is home to the capital city of Nuku’alofa. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and lush vegetation.

The northern part of the country is made up of the Vava’u group of islands, which are known for their stunning natural beauty and crystal-clear waters. The islands are a popular destination for tourists looking to explore the country’s marine life and enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and diving.

The Ha’apai group of islands is located in the central part of the country and is known for its pristine beaches and secluded coves. The islands are a popular destination for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

The map also showcases Tonga’s unique culture and heritage. The country is known for its traditional dance and music, which are an important part of its cultural identity. The map highlights the different cultural landmarks and sites that are scattered throughout the country, giving visitors a glimpse into Tonga’s rich history and traditions.

Overall, the Tonga EPS map vector is an essential tool for anyone looking to explore this beautiful island nation. It provides a detailed and accurate representation of the country’s geography, topography, and cultural landmarks, making it an ideal resource for tourists, researchers, and anyone interested in learning more about this unique and fascinating country.

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tonga vector map. Australia and Oceania Vector Maps. EPS illustrator map from our Oceania country database. All our digital cartography was created via Adobe Illustrator